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Say bye to cellulite and hello to tighter skin with Fascia Blasting!

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Full Body Skin Tightening Treatment

Cover it all with this full body treatment!  plenty of time to do a thorough and deeper all over body and/or numerous site-specific focus areas with this service. Wipe away wrinkles around the eyes and forehead as well as tighten up the neck area. Spend extra time on the lower body helping eliminate cellulite quicker as well as spending extra time around the troubled areas in the upper body.

Minimum 1 hr session


Facial Treatment

This treatment will cover the face area as well as the neck area. Literally tighten all of the neck area and wipe away wrinkles!

Optional 30 min or 1 hr


Lower body Treatment

Cellulite is most commonly found in the lower body, With this service we will be given the opportunity to work those troubled areas on the back of the legs while also paying attention and tightening the skin found on the front of the legs around the quadricep and knee area.

Optional 30 min or 1 hr

  • 1 hr recommended


Upper Body Treatment

This treatment will target all of the arms, back, and stomach area. Lighten and remove stretch marks found around the stomach area, tighten the back of the arms, and trim down those love handles with this specific service.

Optional 30 min or 1 hr

  • ​1 hr recommended

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